Mark’s Blog

Bryan has threatened to beat me severely if I did not start posting to this blog. So…. here we go. we are thinking of doing BBQ ribs by my friend Bob. some of you have had bob’s BBQ before so you know the quality. Ribs will come in around 20 a rack let me know if interested.

Bourbon — Rhetoric 23 just came in, this is the new Orphan Barrel and the fourth of the Rhetoric series. I have not had an opportunity to try it yet, stay tuned for a review.

Scotch — The New Glenmorangie wooded series will be in the next couple weeks. I am very much looking forward to this release. It has been dubbed Bacalta and is fished in a Malmsey Mederia which should give it a very sweet fruit finish.

Artie is rocking a blue mohawk this week (i am sure you needed to know that).