wed. first post

i have been coaxed, cajoled, and have finally been convinced that i should do a Pub blog.  i am not sure what this will turn into in the long run, but we shall all find out. I thought, at least for now, that 3 or 4 times a week i would do a whiskey post, either on new whiskey at the pub or talking about some old favorites. so for those of you that know me some things you will have heard before. I will also do some posting on whats on tap and my feelings on it (keep in mind that because i like, or dislike, something does not make it good or bad, its just my tastes). Also if you have any question or would like me to talk about any whiskey in particular, we will be adding a tab at the top of the home page for questions or comments.

i will be doing my first real post this evening. and yes you guessed it …. it will be on a scotch (i even know which one, but i’m not telling yet.