It’s Friday … and?

As it is the weekend, thought i would talk about a couple wiskeys (this is america, whiskey has an e) one new one and one a faithful standby. But First a shout out to Jason Gomez, happy birthday Gomezzzzz, many more, the parties are great.
Scotch — Just got in a bottle of Glenmorange Grand Vintage Malt 1990. Glenmo has ceased bottling the 25 year, and are replacing it with the Grand Vintage Malt Series. these Grand Vintage Malt bottlings will, will be released once a year at a 25year age and each will be slightly Different. the 1990 Vintage has been aged in ex-Bourbon Oak and ex- Sherry casks. As you would assume from Glenmo, this expression is unpeated, with just a slight hint of smoke. anyway, as a review;
Nose: pear, apple, orange blossom.
Palate: Orange, raw honey, fruit blossom
Finish: Apple pie, brown sugar, a bit of clove
Conclusion: Great, incredibly balanced, enjoyed it immensely. but it should be as it is pretty pricey, worth a glass but the bottle purchase would be for collectors only. Only three bottles came into nebraska.

Bourbon — Four roses small batch. a true value bourbon, a must in a liquor cabinet. I keep coming back to this juice because it is always a solid choice at a bargain price.
Nose — oak (obviously) toffee cinnamon, slight fruit
Palate — vanilla, cinnamon, berries and honey
Finish — long, with perfect amount of bourbon bight, with the palate flavers lingering throughout.
Conclusion — I think i have made it clear my feelings on this bourbon, if you do not have a bottle at home, get one, or better yet, come in and have some.

A little lonely at the pub today, handsome burly boy dog (aka Mr. arthur buttons) not here today. his toys are staring at me accusingly.